Almliesl de luxe Luxury on an alpine pasture is relative. But your holiday beneath the stars is guaranteed with Almliesl.

Holiday de Luxe

Luxury is a question of specific individual demands. Some might find that having electricity on a high-alpine pasture is a luxury already. Access by car right to the front door of the hut or trouble-free internet access is a luxury for others. Luxury can also mean to breathe freely or to drink crystal-clear spring water from the tap - experiencing real nature.

Almliesl offers an especially exclusive selection of holiday accommodations for all Almliesl guests with special demands on their holidays in the mountains. A luxurious Almliesl holiday is characterised by the top location of the holiday home for Ski-IN & Ski-OUT, hiking tours or mountain bike tours starting at the front door, but also by the unrestricted access by car, extensive facilities in the holiday home and furnishings made from high-quality material - whether in modern design or traditional style. Specific highlights or a special service also play an important role on your luxury holiday in the Alps. Accommodations with sauna, infrared cabin, hot tub, steam bath and pool are also part of the range.

Tip: The Almliesl hosts know what their Almliesl guests are looking for and await with welcome drinks, snacks and delicious treats. The homemade farm products can often be purchased on site. The perfect souvenir for your friends and family at home.

  • ~ 250 m²
  • 1-18
  •   1.628 Hm
  • ~ 200 m²
  • 1-14
  •   1.000 Hm
  • ~ 160 m²
  • 1-10
  •   1160 Hm
  • ~ 95 m²
  • 1-8
  •   1198 Hm
  • ~ 100 m²
  • 1-9
  •   1250 Hm
  • ~ 370 m²
  • 1-9
  •   1003 Hm
  • ~ 130 m²
  • 1-8
  •   950 Hm
  • ~ 240 m²
  • 1-8
  •   855 Hm
  • ~ 76 m²
  • 1-6
  •   700 Hm
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