General terms and conditions

The following contract terms and conditions set out here, comprise the agreement between Almliesl Touristik GmbH reservations headquarters and all those listed on the booking on whose behalf the party leader is acting. Every customer accepts these terms & conditions when making a reservation.


With your reservation and the subsequent confirmation through Almliesl Touristik GmbH you will conclude an obligatory travel agreement. Should you wish to cancel your reservation, we kindly ask you to inform us in writing, even if the necessary pre-payment was not paid. The correction of obvious mistakes, due to print or calculation errors are excepted. Special requirements, reservations with special conditions and verbal agreements are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by Almliesl Touristik GmbH.

Booked services
When selling holiday accommodations, Almliesl refers to the current website and catalogue contents regarding the object. Descriptions, pictures and information about distances are only provided as guidelines for you to get a first impression. Almliesl does not assume any liability with regard to the correctness of the object description; subject to change. Details not related to the holiday object and its services are not part of the contract. Almliesl accommodations are predominately located in rural areas. Insects, critters and rodents in and around the accommodation may occur. They do not constitute a defect. Booking agents only act as broker for concluding contracts on our behalf. Confirmations or subsidiary agreements with the agents shall only become binding when confirmed by us in writing. When booking, the minimum length of stay must be observed.

Best price guarantee
Almliesl guarantees the best rental price for the booked holiday object according to the current price information on the Almliesl website, notwithstanding marketing or advertisement promotions, for bookings from 5 nights onwards.

Payment and Travel Documents

The holiday deposit amounts to 20% of the total balance plus a service fee of € 29,00. The remaining holiday balance should be paid four weeks prior to arrival. Upon receipt of payment, we will send you your travel documents as agreed. The deposit and outstanding balance amounts will be stated on your reservation confirmation and can be paid as follows:

Bank transfer within Germany, Austria and other countries:
Raiffeisenbank Pinzgau eGen, Account No: 47 217, Bank No: 35 053
IBAN: AT54 3505 3000 4204 7217 / BIC: RVS AAT 2S 0353 (Swift)

The ordering customer is responsible for all costs involved in the transfer process. To transfer monies within the E.U. free of charge, please state the IBAN and BIC code on the bank slip!

Further you can pay with credit card or "Sofort Überweisung"

In case of late payment, Almliesl shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract and shall have the right to apply the relevant fee for travel cancellations after giving an 8-day notice.

Special Conditions and Details

Fixed extra costs such as the final cleaning bill and variable costs which will depend on the number of guests for example: - community taxes and all other additional costs are to be paid locally, as agreed. The costs mentioned above should be paid either to the landlord direct or to one of the assigned persons from reservations. Some particular units have special arrangements for extra costs and these are calculated by the landlord. Please see relevant details shown in the price list and in the property description.


Is to be carried out by the tenants, even though the landlord is responsible for the final cleaning.

Extra Beds
Plenty of extra beds and/or cots are available to use in many of our properties. These must be booked in advance and noted on the appropriate voucher. The charges are to be paid locally.

Pets are allowed in almost all of our properties. However, it must always be announced at the time of booking and a note must be made regarding it's type and size and should be confirmed in writing either on the reservation confirmation or voucher. The costs are to be paid locally. More information can be found in the property description.

The Tenant
The tenant has the right to considerately use the property, including its inventory and utensils. The tenant is responsible for everything concerning the property. The tenant is obliged to immediately report any damage or defects which occur during the rental period. The tenant must leave the apartment clean and in the same state as it was in on arrival. The tenant will be held responsible for all damages caused by himself or his fellow travelers. In case of allegation, the tenant remains guilty until he or she is proven otherwise. At the key exchange, the landlord has the right to charge a deposit.

Please take note of the corresponding information in the price lists and property descriptions. This deposit can be paid with credit card or in cash and will be refunded once the object has been approved of by the landlord on departure. By returning the deposit, the landlord’s statutory or other legal rights will not be affected.

The Property

The property may not be occupied by more than the number of persons stated in the Almliesl catalogue and confirmed on the voucher. The maximum number of persons indicated includes children and infants unless other wised agreed with MTS Austria GmbH - Almliesl or confirmed on the voucher. In the event of over occupancy, the landlord has the right to deny additional guests or charge them extra locally.

Arrival time unless stated differently is between 14.00 and 18.00 h. On departure day, you must vacate the property by 10.00 h at the latest and the property must be cleaned and in the same condition you found it on arrival. If you are not able to arrive within the times stated above, you are obligated to inform the landlord of your proposed arrival time in advance.


Holiday Amendments or Cancellation
You have the right to cancel your booking at any time before the date of travel. Applicable to all forms of cancellation, is some written notification to Almliesl Touristik GmbH. Cancellation charges will become effective from the date this notification is received in writing by us at our office. Therefore, it is in your own interest give sufficient written notice to Almliesl Touristik GmbH. Our set cancellation fees are as follows and are calculated per unit and holiday apartment:

For reservation of up to 14 beds:
From binding booking confirmation till 61 days before travelling: 15% of the full amount, but minimum Euro 110.00
60 – 45 days before travelling: 25 % of the full amount
44 - 35 days before travelling: 50 % of the full amount
34 - 2 days before travelling: 80 % of the full amount

In the event of late cancellation (less than 24 hrs. before travelling) or a no show, the price of the entire holiday will be charged as a cancellation fee. Date and destination amendments are considered to be a cancellation and a new booking will follow.

For group bookings of 15 beds or more, the following cancellation fees apply:
Up to 24 weeks before travelling: 20 % of the full amount
23 - 20 weeks before travelling: 30 % of the full amount
19 - 16 weeks before travelling: 50 % of the full amount
15 - 8 weeks before travelling: 80 % of the full amount
7 - 4 weeks before travelling: 90 % of the full amount
Until 2 days before travelling: 95% of the full amount

In the event of later cancellation or a no show, the price of the entire holiday will be charged as a cancellation fee.

  • The change of the booking period of an existing booking or the rebooking to another accommodation is only possible with the consent of Almliesl. The request for a change must be received by Almliesl as close as possible to the booking, but no later than 60 days before arrival. A later request will not be accepted as a change.
  • A change of the travel date or accommodation is only possible with consent and approval of Almliesl for a service charge of € 45,00. In case of cancelation after postponing the travel date, the cancelation fee at the moment of postponing is charged.
  • In the event of cancellation of a rebooking that has already been carried out, 100% cancellation costs will be charged, irrespective of the time of cancellation!

Date and destination amendments are considered to be a cancellation and a new booking will follow. Travel cancellations and changes of reservation shall only become effective if received and accepted by the Almliesl booking centre in writing. Cancellations, etc. received outside office hours shall be deemed as received at the start of the next working day.

Amendments to existing bookings by Almliesl Touristik GmbH:
There is no intention to adjust, amend or deviate from services booked as part of the existing travel contract! However, Almliesl reserves the right to make any amendments or adjustments if necessary. Almliesl may not intentionally trigger such amendments or adjustments and they may not significantly impair the basic content of the booked stay. However, if Almliesl or the property owners are faced with external demands or price increases that lie outside of their sphere of influence (e.g. inflation, tax adjustments, visitor's tax etc.), it will be necessary to pass on the price increase to guests.

Cancellation by Almliesl Touristik GmbH
Occasionally circumstances make it necessary for Almliesl Touristik GmbH to cancel the booking either before the scheduled departure or following your arrival. Almliesl Touristik GmbH reserves the right to do so in the following cases:

a) Without notice, if you or one of your fellow travelers, in spite of warning, cause a disturbance or hazard to other passengers whilst travelling or respectively act contrarily to the agreement.

b) Without notice, in circumstances beyond our control such as:- unforeseeable events (natural disasters), war, strikes or similar events outside our control. In such cases, it will be necessary for us to cancel the confirmed reservation.

Should Almliesl Touristik GmbH cancel the booking due to option a), no refund will be given. Should cancellation occur due to option b), in this case, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid up to the time of cancellation, you are not entitled to additional compensation. Should Almliesl Touristik GmbH have to cancel the booking as stated in option b), during your stay, a refund matching the savings due to the cancellation will be reimbursed.


We highly recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy including cancellation cover, preferably at the time of booking or in the following week. However, the landlord and/or Almliesl Touristik GmbH are not in any way liable for the tenant during the period of rental. There is no insurance provided for the tenant nor his or her belongings.


Almliesl Touristik GmbH is liable for assiduous travel preparations, accurate selection and supervision of all local service providers and the orderly provision of services within the scope of the diligence of a prudent businessman.

The contractual liability of Almliesl Touristik GmbH regarding compensation (except bodily injuries) is limited to the ternary amount of the particular travel costs as long as the tenant's damage has not been precipitated whether intended nor wantonly negligent. This limitation of liability is also valid if Almliesl Touristik GmbH is responsible for damages to the tenant resulting from the encumbrance of a service provider. We are not liable for service failures which happen due to circumstances beyond our control. Especially in situations such as war, strikes, natural disasters as well as disturbances occurred in the local area: Transport, maintenance, garbage disposal e.g. water, electric, gas supplies and access roads, particularly when these disturbances occur through unforeseeable events such as natural disasters or adverse local climate conditions.

Information and descriptions are provided by Almliesl Touristik GmbH and are correct to the best of their knowledge, however Almliesl Touristik GmbH accepts no responsibility for the correctness of this information. A potential emerging liability claim from Almliesl Touristik GmbH cannot exceed the agreed contracted lease price.

Obligations of the Tenant, Guarantee

Should any disturbances or technical faults arise, it is the duty of the tenant to do all that is reasonable to solve the problem and to prevent or keep the damage to a minimum. It is the duty of the tenant to report complaints immediately. Should you find definite faults within the leased property, you may demand corrective measures. In case of any defects, you are entitled to remedy if you have evidently reported the defects immediately to us or the responsible agent if you have requested remedy and if the services have not been rendered according to the contract.

In this case please contact the property owner or keyholder immediately. If they are not reachable or in an emergency, please call +43 6542 80480 or +43 664 385 40 80 so that the appropriate action can be started in order to verify complaints and if necessary to fix defects or replace them.

Almliesl Touristik GmbH will only acknowledge claims made within one month of the scheduled rental period. The tenant may only then claim a minimization of the rental costs and respectively compensation, if the tenant has reported and proven that Almliesl Touristik GmbH, the property owner or keyholder was at fault and that he asked for the faults to be rectified but the agreed services were not provided.

You may withdraw from the lodgings contract when there was no correct measures taken within the time limit agreed and consequently led to service defects which considerably impaired the use of the property.

Passport, Visa and Health Requirements

The tenant is responsible for the abidance of all passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange and health requirement regulations (for pets too). Any drawbacks which arise from non-observance of these specifications will be at the tenants own expense. This is also the case, if the regulations were altered following your booking.


The inefficacy of certain regulations within the lodging contract does not apply to all conditions. For those involved in the legal relationship between the purchaser, Almliesl Touristik GmbH and the landlord, the place of fulfilment and the county courts are situated in Zell am See, should any disputes arise.

Price alterations and errors are excepted and subject to change. In the prices is the VAT included. If they are changings of the VAT, prices will be adjusted. This legal relationship is solely subject to the regulations stated in "The Recommended (General) Lodging Contract Terms of Austria" (Hotel Regulations).

Applicable law is the law of the Republic of Austria. Place of jurisdiction is Zell am See.

As of 24th May 2018