Your bed on an alpine pasture Genuine, simple, authentic and so close to nature! This is your holiday on an alpine pasture.

Welcome to "Your bed on the Alm" Finally, you can book your holiday in managed alpine huts!

  • 1 night, 1 weekend or your entire vacation time? Whatever you want.
  • Everything you need for your vacation is your hiking backpack
  • Your made bed on the Alm is waiting for you
  • On request, you can get a rich breakfast or full breakfast

The Almliesl hut hosts welcome you with open arms and a cordial "hello" on their alpine and mountain huts in the Almliesl regions. Quickly you are part of a community that lets you immerse yourself in the typical life in the mountains.

  • Experience alpine farming live - the children love it
  • Organic products and local specialties are waiting for you
  • Hiking tips of the region from the Almliesl hutkeeper personally

If you feel like you will learn all about life on the mountain pasture
Children love to do stable work with the farmers and learn a lot when dealing with the animals. The dairymaid likes to reveal the secrets of milk processing, cheese making or bacon smoking. The bread baking art is also lived on the lonely alpine huts. Escape the stressful everyday life, even if it's just a weekend. With "Your bed on the mountain pasture", your backpack is everything you need - everything else your landlord keeps ready for you. The bed is made, the mountain breakfast is served, the barbecue is organized and your mountain experience is waiting for you.

Many a hut keeper makes his way with you and shows you great hiking routes, magnificent summit climbs, fantastic panoramas and with good luck the best places to mushroom search. On the way collected berries and herbs can be found in the mountain menu again. Anyway, everything tastes much better over 1,000 meters.

After the holiday is before the holiday!
Saying goodbye to your bed on the mountain pasture is not difficult for you after your holiday in the mountains. Promised! Because after the holiday is before the holiday and your next Almliesl mountain adventure is already waiting for you. New experiences, new acquaintances and friends are looking forward to seeing you soon in the mountains. Good to know, at Almliesl the people get together.

  • ~ 20 m²
  • 1-16
  •   1505 Hm
  • ~ 10 m²
  • 1-5
  •   1386 Hm
  • ~ 13 m²
  • 1-10
  •   1376 Hm
  • ~ 32 m²
  • 1-12
  •   1640 Hm
  • ~ 12 m²
  • 1-12
  •   1400 Hm

Tyrol / Matrei Almliesl PRAE-598

from € 47,57 per day
  • ~ 24 m²
  • 1-15
  •   1800 Hm
  • ~ 40 m²
  • 1-4
  •   1742 Hm
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