Hütte mieten mit Hund

A mountain pasture is not a petting zoo!

This is a guide to the correct behaviour when encountering grazing animals. It draws attention to the coexistence of hikers and cows so that humans, dogs and livestock do not experience unpleasant incidents.

Details & Guide

The first holiday on an alpine pasture

Sitzecke mit Holzherd

Off we go into the hut experience! This is "So Real!"

The first holiday as self-catering holidaymaker in a quaint hut is exciting.

But some planning must be done, and some things need to be considered before your holiday. Because a holiday in the mountains requires packing a few more things than for a holiday in a hotel.

Holidays in an apartment, hotel or holiday home - you know that already. Comfortable holiday homes are frequently offered as alpine huts because they are built in alpine style. Almliesl also offers holiday homes, farmhouses and holiday apartments. We also describe them accordingly because the Almliesl range includes the original: real alpine huts, which could tell a lot of stories if they could.

What is a real alpine hut?

The real quaint alpine huts were not made for tourism. They were originally built by farmers who owned an area of alpine pasture. In the summer time, the alpine herdsmen and dairymen lived together with the cattle where the tastiest grasses and herbs grew, and made dairy products, bread, bacon and much more there. Driving beautifully decorated cattle up to the alpine pastures in spring and bringing the cattle down in autumn is still a highlight in the mountain regions, and causes entertaining mayhem in the villages and on the roads even today.

These old alpine huts are often no longer needed today, and some farmers want to make these treasures also available to holidaymakers. A hut holiday with Almliesl is just perfect for anyone who wants to go back to nature and authenticity. No alpine hut is like the other, each has its very own special character. The living area is the heart in every hut - a cosy seating area, a simple kitchen and a stove for heating and cooking. A well with crystal-clear drinking water in front of the hut is used as “refrigerator". Many huts had a shower and toilet fitted subsequently, and some still have an earth closet.

to the quaint alpine huts

No electricity - what now?

Most Almliesl huts are connected to the electricity grid. That makes things a lot easier. If a hut has no electricity, this will be mentioned in the description of the accommodation. However, the demand for original huts without electricity steadily increases because many Almliesl guests want to experience how life can work in the simplest way. These huts have either gas supply, a generator or are powered by solar panels. When choosing a hut, you decide how close to nature you want to be. Matches, lighter, candles and a torch are a must on your list of things to pack because the electricity supply may at times be affected by nature. But this will not spoil the romantic atmosphere.

How do the gas-powered devices in the Almliesl huts work without electricity?

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Journey to the alpine hut: curves, bends and altitude metres

Most Almliesl huts can be accessed by car. Normal cars will not have any difficulty to reach the front door of the hut via the mountain roads in normal weather conditions. However, sports cars or vehicles with low floor level may ground. To avoid this, the Almliesl Team will get information about the condition of the road on site prior to your arrival. Winter tyres are mandatory in the mountain regions in winter; in wintry conditions already from 1st November. Snow chains make the uphill drive easier and are highly recommended in winter.

If your holiday home can be reached on foot, by off-road vehicle or lift, this will be mentioned separately in the description of the accommodation.

Important is that you contact the hut proprietor prior to your arrival. Almliesl will provide the contact details together with the travel information. When contacting the proprietor, you can arrange your arrival, the handover of the keys and ask any question you might have.

Your first hut holiday

I am taking my rucksack and pack ...

  • Small first-aid kit (bandages, soothing ointment, sun protection and insect repellent)
  • Bedlinen (covers) and/or face and bath towels (if required)
  • Sleeping bags (especially in winter, but also recommended in summer)
  • Table linen, dishtowels, washing up liquid
  • Toilet paper
  • Candles, torch, matches, coal lighter, charcoal
  • Gas mantles for huts without power supply
  • Binoculars, camera and video camera
  • Hiking maps
  • Warm clothes also in summer and rainwear. Temperatures can drop quickly in the mountains!
  • Sturdy mountain boots, headgear, rucksack, hiking sticks
Arrival and departure


  • Are all lights, the fridge and boiler working?
  • Is the water running hot and cold?
  • In the huts of the Austrian State-Owned Woods (ÖBF): Activate the gas pipes. A user manual is included in the hut log. Are spare gas mantles available?
  • If something doesn’t work, please contact the owner directly or, in emergencies, call the “Almliesl“ hotline: +43 6542 80480 or +43 664 3854080


  • Austria has very strict waste disposal laws. Please separate your waste.
  • Return the key to where you collected it from (letterbox, owner, key holder).