Hut holiday tips

The first holiday as self-catering holidaymaker in a quaint hut is exciting. But some planning must be done, and some things need to be considered before your holiday. Because a holiday in the mountains requires packing a few more things than for a holiday in a hotel.

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No electricity - what now?

Hüttenurlaub in Österreich

How do the gas-powered appliances in the Almliesl huts work without electricity?

The electricity for the lights and devices in the very quaint Almliesl huts is generated from gas and wood but also from solar energy. Handling the gas-powered appliances is not complicated, but we recommend that you read the instructions before your holiday. Every Almliesl hut powered by alternative energy has its own hut book describing all appliances and connections in detail. You receive this hut book from us before your arrival. The book is available in the hut and you can of course read the details in the respective accommodation description here on our website. In addition, we have taken some pictures for visualisation.

This is how you replace the gas mantle on the lamps

The gas mantle is very delicate! Please take care not to touch the mantle. Just in case, there are always 2 reserve lamps provided.

gas mantl
gas mantl
gas mantl
gas mantl
Activating / deactivating of the gas installation

The main supply through the gas installation is outside the hut, mostly in a lock-up. The key is in the hut. The main supply is always activated, thus no need for you to turn it on. If there is a problem, simply turn off all mains and contact Almliesl. You get our number when you arrive or our number can be found in your hut.

Prior to using the gas appliances (lamps, flow heater, gas cooker, etc.), open the main gas valve in the hut or the cylinder valve and individual additional shut-off valves on the gas cylinders.



The gas flows when the lever is in horizontal position.

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