Alpine hut Almliesl MITT-699
Mountain hut in Österreich / Salzburg / Mittersill / Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Alpine hut Almliesl MITT-699
Mountain hut in Österreich / Salzburg / Mittersill / Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Alpine hut in the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Chalet for 2 to 5 people at 1,265 m
4-room chalet on 2 floors, balcony, approx. 75 m², 2 bedrooms, lockable area for storing bikes, enclosed parking space for 1 car (approx. 200 m from the chalet), toilet accessible via balcony, solar shower, garden with furniture, sun umbrella, open fireplace for grilling food in the chalet, wood storage area.

Energy: No electricity (please bring candles and torches) - there is a socket in the wood store outside the hut (please use it sparingly)
Heating: Wood-fired oven and open fireplace
Water: No running water in the chalet, there is a water tap in front of the hut
Location: Remote, sunny mountain location
Altitude: 1.265 Hm
Arrival: Easy access via an asphalted mountain road to the landlord’s farm. The last kilometre is gravel. The last 200 m take you by foot over the meadow to the chalet.

Found your piece of holiday happiness? Your top 3 holiday facts.

  • Lounge area, open fireplace (grill)
  • Candlelight romance
  • Unique panorama toilet
Price per day from € 114,75
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Chalet magic for a real time-out

Enjoy a summer holiday like in the good old days

You almost have the feeling that this quaint mountain chalet came straight out of a sentimental regional film. Here in Mittersill, in the heart of the Upper Tauern National Park, you‘ll experience a traditional summer in the alpine pastures.
Spend your nicest time of the year surrounded by lush alpine pastures and beautiful forests. You’ll be woken in the mornings by the grazing livestock as they curiously sniff the area around the garden fence. Bring enough time to fully enjoy the here and now. Your chalet has no electricity, but you can brew particularly tasty coffee by hand on the wood-fired oven. There is a small herb garden in the garden to refine your delicious cottage dishes. The chalet offers pure nature and also has no running water. Crystal-clear spring water babbles in the traditional well in front of the property and will awaken you from your deep sleep with a surge and a “woohoo”. Anti-aging effect included!

What can you experience in summer here?

Nothing. You don‘t have to experience anything here. But you can experience a great deal. Be active, go hiking and biking – after all, you’re in a national park and attractions such as the Krimml Waterfalls, Großglockner High Alpine Road, national park centre, natural swimming lakes etc. are waiting to be discovered.
But what about simply arriving and taking in the surroundings, landscape and your holiday home. Your chalet is over 80 years old and used to be a feeding stall. The previous owners were glass artists. When sunlight shines through the colourful windows, it awakens a vibrant play of colours. The “chalet” experience is at the forefront here:

  • Cooking on a traditional regional oven that has to be heated up in advance.
  • Your morning and evening bathroom routine takes place by the well and with quaint washbasins. The well can also be used for cooling your drinks and well-packaged food items.
  • The “modern” outhouse in a separate hut.
  • A romantic, candle-lit atmosphere in the evening.
  • The cosy lounge area with an open fireplace – you can even grill food inside here.

The best way to experience the unique views of the Upper Tauern, with the Pihapper in a prominent position, is while enjoying a glass of wine after a lengthy hike. About 500 m away on foot, an idyllic little stream ripples. Children love to build dams here and send little boats made of paper or wood down into the valley. The chalet owners recommend the challenging hikes on the Geißstein, the highest grass mountain in the Kitzbühel Alps with a height of 2,363 m, the Rinnkogel or the tour to the Birglhütte that serves food.

Tip: The area around your chalet is a true paradise for mushrooms and blueberries! Almliesl has a delicious recipe for a chanterelle goulash or “blueberry pockets”. A true delight! To make your goulash in the chalet, it’s best to prepare the dumplings at home before you leave.


4-room chalet (approx. 75m²) for 2 - 5 persons

Upper floor: (can be reached via an external staircase)

  • Hallway
  • Lounge area with double bed, wood-fired oven, seating area, divan and access to the balcony and toilet
  • Kitchen with wood-fired oven for cooking and heating, mobile gas cooker with 2 hotplates. Filter coffee attachment. Seating area.
  • Bedroom with bunk bed and single bed

Ground floor

  • Lounge area with large seating area, bar and open fireplace
  • Naturally cooled storage room


  • Furnished garden, solar shower.

You’ve come to the right place! Your holiday in the mountains.

Important distances at a glance

Zentrum 6,00 km
Einkaufsmöglichkeit 6,00 km
Restaurant / Gasthof Schloss Mittersill 4,00 km
Restaurant / Gasthof 6,00 km
Tennisplatz / Halle 6,50 km
Freibad / Badesee 6,50 km
Hallenbad 6,50 km
Golfplatz 6,20 km
Lift mit Sommerbetrieb 5,00 km
Flughafen Salzburg 126,00 km
Bahnhof 6,50 km

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