Holiday in Nierderösterreich - Lust for life Mountain huts & chalets for the summer and winter holiday in Lower Austria / Austria

Hütte mieten in Niederösterreich

Lower Austria between harmony, diversity & culture

Lower Austria is the largest Austrian state in terms of area and encompasses the Austrian capital of Vienna. The fact that Lower Austria has a comparatively large amount of space is also absolutely necessary, because it is fantastic what scenic and cultural diversity the holiday regions have:

Fantastic variety of vacation regions

  • The Lower Austrian Danube region, for example, is not only one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Austria, the Wachau even had UNESCO World Heritage status in 2000.
  • The panoramas of the Viennese Alps on the foothills of the Eastern Alps between Buckliger Welt, Rax and Schneeberg delight summer visitors today as they did around 1900.
  • The Waldviertel has a mystical character with huge rocking stones, dark forests, magical raised bogs and ponds.
  • Famous Austrian wines come from the gently rolling region in the north of Vienna.
  • The Vienna Woods is the refuge for the "city dwellers" just outside Vienna. Green idyll, meadows, forests and rich in history, music and wine.
  • The Mostviertel, a wildly romantic alpine mountain world. A real contrast to the wide hills in the north of the Danube. A rural holiday paradise between fruity holiday experiences around the pear and mountain adventures with bizarre rock formations.

Lower Austria's top ski areas should not be underestimated

Ideal slope conditions in around 20 ski areas with around 200 kilometers of slopes can be experienced from the alpine south to the far north. They range from the Mitterbach municipal alp in the southeast to Annaberg and Lackenhof on the Ötscher to high above Göstling on the Ybbs in the west.

1 Almliesl accomodation in Niederösterreich

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