Lockdown in Austria ends with 12.12.21! Here you find the details.

NEWS to the recent coronavirus situation NEW: The general lockdown in Austria ends with 12.12.21!

Dear Almliesl guests,


Holiday in Austria is possible again for fully vaccinated or recovered people! During your stay, the measures below are valid for the protection against the coronavirus.

Austria is no longer a risk are for Germany

The infection process has in Austria has gone down, that is why Germany does no longer categorize Austria as area of risk. This means, that the previous mandatory quarantine for unvaccinated people (especially unvaccinated children under 12 years) is not necessary anymore. From 25.12., a 3G proof is only mandatory for everyone of the age of 6 years or older on return journey. Further information can be found at the Auswertige Amt.

New arrival regulations for UK, NL, DK and NO!

Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway are categorized as virus variant areas. From this four countries, from 25.12., people who are vaccinated thrice and have an additional PCR test (not older than 48 hours) can enter the country without going into quarantine. The existing regulations for children remain valid. For all other persons of said countries, a 10 day long quarantine is mandatory after arrival.

Currently, 2-G+ is valid for traveling to Austria!

With 20.12.21, a 2-G proof is necessary as well as a currently valid PCR test or booster shot when entering the country. If you have neither a PCR-test nor a booster shot, an arrival is possible; however, a quarantine is mandatory. Quarantine can be ended with a negative PCR test. Children und teenagers of school age as well as children under 12 years are excluded from this regulation.

Please take note that requirements & measures might change rapidly. We merely offer you a rough overview und recommend informing yourself in detail about the recent conditions in your respective holiday location.

NEW: 2-G (vaccinated, recovered)

This is how 2-G works in Austria:

  • The 2-G rule (vaccinated, recovered) is applied here: Tourist accommodations, gastronomy facilities, outdoor and sports venues, cultural institutions, cable cars, advent markets or by use of close body services (e.g. hairdresser).
  • Any kind of corona tests (as well as PCR or antigen tests) are not valid anymore as proof of entry.
  • Wearing a FFP-2-mask is mandatory for all public areas in closed rooms, cable cars included. A FFP2-mask must be worn in the gastronomy on the way to your and from your seat, and when entering public rooms in tourist accommodations.
  • Closing time in the gastronomy is at 23:00 (except for New Year's). Night gastronomy and après ski are currently not allowed to open.
  • The validity of the Health Certificate are 270 days from the point of being fully vaccinated. (In Austria, you are fully vaccinated after getting the second vaccination or booster shot). Please note: A vaccination with Johnson & Johnson is only acknowledged until the 3rd January 2022, afterwards, another vaccination is neccesary.

Rules for children for the holiday in Austria:

Children under 12 years are excempt from the obliagtion of having a proof of entry.

Holiday ninja pass:

Chilren and teenagers of school age who are not fully vaccinated or recovered have the possibility of testing regularly in order to get a 2-G status: all facilities, for which a 2-G proof is needed, can be used with two PCR tests and one antigen test per week.

  • PCR tests are valid for 72 hours, an antigen test for 48 hours. The test results are recorded in the "holiday ninja pass", the respective test results are also necessary.
  • The holiday ninja pass is only valid, when the test result is continuously negative.
  • The holiday ninja pass can be used by all children and teenagers of school age, who are born after 31st August 2006.

The document can be already printed and downloaded before the holiday under We recommend entering the negative PCR test result before arrival, as the result is necessary at check-in at your accommodation (not fully vaccinated or recovered children already need the negative test result when entering Austria).

A 2-G proof is necessary in Austria, if you are not affected by those special regulations.

“Grüner Pass” (Green Pass):

2-G (vaccinated or recovered): These are the requirements to be regarded as a person, whose risk of infecting somebody with the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is low. The “Grüne Pass” includes proof of having received the vaccination against corona as a “vaccination ceritificate” or a recovery certificate, if you have already recovered from a COVID-19 infection. The certificates and their validity can be scanned via a QR-code (e.g. on the mobile phone). It can also be printed and shown on paper.

BE CAREFUL: The validity of vaccination certificates has been reduced from 12 months to 9 months!


The vaccination is valid for 9 months from the time of receiving the second or further vaccination (the vaccine must be authorized by the EMA!). However, the first dose of a two dose vaccination is not sufficient enough. Between second and third dose, there must be at least 120 in between and 14 days between first and second dose.

A Johnson & Johnson vaccination is valid for 270 days from the 22nd day after vaccination. Please not that from the 3rd of January 2022, a vaccination with only Johnson & Johnson is not sufficent anymore and a booster shot is required.

If recovered persons are vaccinated, the first dose is already valid for 270 days from the point of the vaccination.

A recovered infection from Sars-Cov-2 justifies entry for 180 days from the point of recovery. A medical approval is also valid for 180 days after an infection with Sars-Cov-2. The infection must be laboratory confirmed (e.g with a PCR-test). An official quarantine confirmation is valid for 180 days as well.

Pre-Travel-Clearance for the entry to Austria:

Compulsary registration is not mandatory when vaccinated or recovered as well as for accompanying children (except when entering from a virus variant area). Registration is necessary, when entering with your 2-G status, but without a PCR test or booster shot as well as without a 2-G status.

Here you can find more information to Pre-Travel-Clearance and here you can find the online entry document.

South Tyrol:
An entry to South Tyrol from EU-countries and Schengencountries (countries of the list C) is currently allowed without quarantine.
People who enter the country are obliged to:


Homeward journey in general:

Please bear in mind that not only Austrian or South Tyrolean regulations are decisive, but also the regulations in your home country. Please note that information given from us is only a rough overview. Further details etc. can be found on the website of the federal ministry. German guests will find further answers etc. on the website of the state department (“Auswärtiges Amt”).
Guests who enter Germany or return back home from a high risk area need to first register themselves on and upload their valid 3-G proof. People, who are entering Germany merely tested, must currently go into quarantine for 10 days. Here you find the DETAILS.

CANCELATIONS due to the coronavirus situation:

  • Cancelations as well as postponing the booking to a later date is possible free of charge, if the near-term holiday arrival (7 to 5 days before arrival) is not feasible due to official corona bans in your holiday region (e.g. travel ban or quarantine of the holiday destination).
  • Wishes for postponing your stay to a later date and the same accommodation are only possible upon consultation with Almliesl and according to availability.
  • For this, we charge a service fee of € 45,00.
  • Cancellation wishes for holiday periods, which are away more than one week fall within regular cancellation fees!
  • There is no claim for refund, if there are legal changes, changes of the official or regional regulations after the time of booking or if the current regulations are not obeyed to. This applies provided that the holiday is possible under maintaining all regulations.
  • A travel warning or the classification of a region as area of risk does not pose as a travel ban and is hereby no reason for a cancelation free of charge.
  • Almliesl’s partner, the Europäische Reiseversicherung (European Travel Insurance), also offers cancelation coverage for covid-19 disease! You can add the insurance when booking via Almliesl online and you are protected as follows: DETAILS

Because situations and requirements are changing permanently, we kindly ask for your patience in order to handle every matter accordingly.

Dear Almliesl guests,
There is nothing more important than our health and well-being.

See you soon in the mountains and stay healthy,

your Almliesl team

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