Almliesl GAST-612

5640 Bad Gastein
  • ~ 12 m²
  • 1-12
  •   1400 Hm
Price per day from € 59,80
  • Centre 8,00 km
  • Open air swimming pool / bathing lake 11,00 km
  • Lift operating in the summer 8,00 km
  • Indoor swimming pool 13,00 km
  • Station 7,00 km
  • Airport 87,00 km

Mountain hut Almliesl GAST-612 Mountain hut in Österreich / Salzburg / Bad Gastein / Gastein

Hütte mieten in Gastein
Urlaub auf der Alm
Jause auf der Alm
Familienurlaub in Gastein
Zimmer mit Stockbetten
Schlafzimmer in der Hütte
Almliesl GAST-612
Wohnraum der Hütte
Hütte mieten in Gastein
Urlaub auf der Alm
Jause auf der Alm
Familienurlaub in Gastein
Zimmer mit Stockbetten
Schlafzimmer in der Hütte
Almliesl GAST-612 in Bad Gastein
Wohnraum der Hütte

Serviced hut in 1,400 m

“Your bed on an alpine farm“
Serviced hut, 2 x four-bed rooms, shared bathroom, public room of the alpine farm with bar, 2 further public rooms, sun terrace, well basin, children’s playground, drive to the hut possible, parking spaces 500 m away from the hut (3 more four-bed rooms can be requested at Almliesl = hut accommodates a maximum of 20 persons). For summer 2020: bring your own sleeping bag and pillow case!

Energy: Eletricity
Heating: Wood-fired stove
Water: Hot water through E-boiler
Location: Sunny mountain location in Dorfgastein
Altitude: 1400 Hm
Arrival: Easy arrival via an unsurfaced mountain road.

Hello and wahey on the alpine farm!

The locals would call it “kitsch“. Because the location here high up on the alpine farm in Dorfgastein is so beautiful that some might think: ”Photoshop“.
Once arrived up here, you will have the real thing in front of you:

  • You are at the Salzburger Almenweg trail with a panoramic view as far as the eye can see.
  • Be delighted by the newly built alpine hut in regional style.
  • An Almliesl landlady with a heart! You can feel this in every detail like the flower arrangements, the herb and vegetable garden or the alpine farm playground for children.
  • The farm received the first Genussalm award in SalzburgerLand in 2013.

Vetti, the stylish landlady, has hut, farm and cattle perfectly under control. Apart from the regular alpine farm operation – the processing of milk, only the best is produced and served here. As member of “BIO Austria“, Vetti puts great emphasis on the quality of her handmade products and traditional dishes. Her alpine cattle and her own hunt provide meat of the highest quality.

A true paradise for children!

“What great fun“ between theme and adventure hiking trails, petting zoo, alpine farm playground and aqua fun when building a dam. Children enjoy the freedom and experiencing the animals. A hearty jause tastes even better in mountain air. By the way: the mountain air also guarantees a good night’s sleep.
The bedrooms are completely furnished with fragrant timber and high-quality solid-wood bunkbeds. Perfect for families and small groups – if you want to book both bedrooms together. Larger groups can be accommodated in a total of 5 four-bed rooms - Almliesl is happy to take care of the details. The spacious public room with bar and the tiled stove are simply cosy and homely; perfect for cloudy mountain days or late evenings for a relaxing end to the day.

By the way: There are interesting stories and legends about this place: sacrificial altars, cult sites and places of worship have apparently left their historical marks here. Just ask Vetti about the “Drei-Waller-Kapelle“ (Three Pilgrims Chapel). A heart-wrenching tale of 3 saints.

On foot or by bike:

  • Starting from Dorfgastein, it takes two hours on foot or by mountain bike from Unterberg along a signposted, challenging route to the hut.
  • Starting from the Uferbauer farm in Lend, it takes one hour, and from the Stoffdörfl district of Embach it takes approx. 1 1/2 hours.


  • Easy arrival via an unsurfaced mountain road.

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