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The pain radiates like fireworks in all directions from the affected part of the body. In this condition, Carduus Marianus may also be given along with Berberis Vulgaris to enhance its beneficial effect. In the case of liver diseases, I give Berberis Vulgaris in the form of mother tincture, while in kidney troubles and gout, I use it in potency 30. Berberis Vulgaris is useful in the treatment of severe kidney pain as well as kidney stones, but it has to be used over a long period so that the stones gradually dissolve and are excreted. The oxalate stones are very hard, and they are treatable by using ultrasound rays. In my experience, Silicea and Calcarea Flour 6X given together for some time, dissolve and then expel the oxalate stone. In Berberis Vulgaris, one of the symptoms is that the mouth feels sticky due to thick, sticky sputum. In Berberis, with movement and on standing, the legs start hurting, and the urinary symptoms intensify. Berberis Vulgaris 131 Antidotes: Potency: Camphor, Belladonna Mother Tincture (Q) Berberis Vulgaris 132 Bismuthum In olden days, Bismuth was used by allopathic doctors for the treatment of diarrhoea. Although it controls the diarrhoea it does not cure the disease of the intestine causing diarrhoea. The Bismuth patient has poor digestion, and like Phosphorus and Aethusa, the stomach does not accept water. The nature of the pain in the abdomen is different from ordinary pain but the patient cannot explain it. When, after administration of Bismuth the diarrhoea stops, the pain in the abdomen returns. In the case of Bismuth, the chest pain starts at the left side of the heart and radiates to the shoulder and down to the fingertips, instead of the pain normally starting from the sternum. Many a time, chest pain can be due to ulcers in the stomach or inflammation of the stomach. In Bismuth, as in Hyoscyamus, there is a tendency of experiencing violent sexual dreams. It seems as if there is some kind of injurious material in the diarrhoea of Bismuth, which after being absorbed from the intestines into the blood affects the mind, as a result of which the person experiences strange dreams. Bismuthum 133 Adjuvants: Antidotes: Potency: Arsenic, Belladonna, Kreosotum Nux Vomica, Capsicum 30 to 200 Bismuthum 134 Borax In allopathic medicine, Borax is used in the treatment of eye diseases. In addition to this, it is also used mixed with honey in the treatment of a sore throat. In the homoeopathic system of treatment, Borax is a vastly effective medicine that works tremendously well in deepseated, serious illnesses of women. Borax is the best remedy to treat ulcers in the mouth of lactating women when their children also suffer from the same condition. The women of Borax nature suffer from leucorrhoea, in which the discharge is plentiful, hot and burning in nature. During the periods, there is intense pain in the abdomen which radiates towards the back. The bout of coughing is very severe and there is a rattling sound inside the chest. The person gets terrified while coming down the elevator or when the car is descending down a sloping road. Borax is very useful when there is sexual weakness resulting from a severe illness. If Bryonia does not work or stops working further, Borax will take its action further. Adjuvants: Antidotes: Noncompatible: Potency: Bryonia, Sulphur, Calcarea Carb Chamomilla, Coffea Acetic Acid, Vinegar, Alcohol 30 Borax 136 Bovista In everyday English, Bovista is also known as Puff-Ball. It is an excellent treatment for patients who have eczema and also have a tendency to bleed and stammer. Compared to normal people, Bovista patients feel more suffocation in the presence of smoke from burning wood. When the wood is partially burnt, its smoke contains carbon monoxide which can be absorbed into the bloodstream of every person and may put one to deep sleep. If the person is not treated immediately and taken out into the fresh air, his apparently calm sleep may lead him to death.

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But we are permitted to introduce nothing based on our own judgment, nor to choose what someone else has introduced from his own judgment. We have the apostles of God as authorities, who did not choose anything themselves to introduce from their own judgment, but faithfully bestowed on the world the teaching received from Christ. And schism occurs when people say "we are the righteous ones," "we are the ones who sanctify the unclean," and other similar things. Superstition (superstitio) is so called because it is a superfluous or superimposed (superinstituere) observance. Others say it is from the aged, because those who have lived (superstites) for many years are senile with age and go astray in some superstition through not being aware the Etymologies born (genitus) from these, and when they returned from Babylon, they separated themselves from the population as a whole and claimed for themselves this boastful name. Some heretics, who have withdrawn from the Church, are named from the name of their founder, and some from the positions that they have selected and established. His followers say that the creation was created, not by God, but by a certain celestial power. The Nicolaites (Nicolaita) are so called from Nicolas, deacon of the church of Jerusalem, who, along with Stephen and the others, was ordained by Peter. John condemns them in the Apocalypse, saying (2:6): "But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaites. The Gnostics (Gnosticus) wish to call themselves thus because of the superiority of their knowledge (cf. They say Soul is the nature of God, and they fashion a god that is both good and evil in their doctrine. The Carpocratians (Carpocratianus) are named from a certain Carpocrates, who said that Christ was only a human being, and born from a man and a woman. There are ones called Nazarenes (Nazaraeus) who, while they acknowledge Christ, who is called the Nazarene from his village, as the Son of God, nevertheless preserve everything of the Old Law. The Sethians (Sethianus) take their name from the son of Adam who was called Seth, saying that he was the Christ. He maintained that there are two natures and substances, that is, good and evil, and asserted that souls flow from God as if from some fountain. They accept only monks, reject marriage, and do not believe that children possess the kingdom of heaven. The Novatians (Novatianus) originated from Novatus, priest of the city of Rome, who, in opposition to Cornelius, dared to usurp the priestly chair. He established his heresy, being unwilling to receive apostates and rebaptizing the baptized. The Montanist (Montanus) heretics are so called because during the time of persecution they hid in the mountains (mons, gen. The Apostle turns out to be writing in criticism of them in his letter to the Galatians. The Photinians (Photinianus) are named from Photinus, the bishop of Sirmium in Gallograecia, who encouraged the heresy of the Ebionites and asserted that Christ was conceived by Mary with Joseph in conjugal union. They are also called Eunomians (Eunomianus) from a certain dialectician Eunomius, a disciple of Aetius, by whose name they are better known: 2 Isidore seems to be describing the Montanists, who were also known as the Phrygians, see section 35 below. The Apostolics (Apostolicus) claimed that name for themselves because they possess nothing of their own, and they do not accept those who possess anything in this world. The Marcionites (Marcionista) are named from the Stoic philosopher Marcion, who followed the teaching of Cerdo, and asserted that one God was good and the other just, as if there were two Principles: that of the creator and that of goodness. The Aquarians (Aquarius) are so called because they offer only water (aqua) in the sacramental chalice. The province Phrygia gave its name to the Cataphrygians (Cataphrygius), because they lived there. The Paulians (Paulianus) originated from Paul of Samosata, who said that Christ did not always exist, but took his origin from Mary. The Hermogenians (Hermogenianus) are so called from a certain Hermogenes, who, maintaining that matter was not born, compared it to God, who was not born, and asserted that there is a goddess and mother of the elements. The apostle Paul the Etymologies they assert that the Son is not like the Father and the Holy Spirit not like the Son. Whence they are also called Patripassians (Patripassianus), because they say that the Father (Pater) suffered (pati, ppl. The Arians (Arianus) originated from Arius, an Alexandrian priest, who did not recognize the Son as co-eternal with the Father and asserted that there are distinct substances in the Trinity, in contradiction to which the Lord said (John 10:30): "I and the Father are one.

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From the outside, since the street crossing which it commanded was on a lower level, its great wall was thrust upwards from a basement of unfaced ashlar, jagged with flints, in which there was nothing particularly ecclesiastical, the windows seemed to have been pierced at an abnormal height, and its whole appearance was that of a prison wall rather than of a church. And certainly in later years, when I recalled all the glorious apses that I had seen, it would never have occurred to me to compare with any one of them the apse of Combray. Only, one day, turning out of a little street in some country town, I came upon three alley-ways that converged, and facing them an old wall, rough-hewn and unusually high, with windows pierced in it far overhead and the same asymmetrical appearance as the apse of Combray. Often in the Square, as we came home, my grandmother would make me stop to look up at it. From the tower windows, placed two by two, one pair above another, with that right and original proportion in their spacing which gives beauty and dignity not only to human faces, it released, it let fall at regular intervals, flocks of jackdaws which would wheel noisily for a while, as though the ancient stones which allowed them to disport themselves without seeming to see them, becoming of a sudden untenantable and discharging some element of extreme perturbation, had struck them and driven them out. And certainly every part of the church that one saw distinguished it from any other building by a kind of innate thoughtfulness, but it was in its steeple that it seemed most truly to find itself, to affirm its individual and responsible existence. I think, too, that in a confused way my grandmother found in the steeple of Combray what she prized above anything else in the world, namely, a natural air and an air of distinction. It was the steeple of Saint-Hilaire that shaped and crowned and consecrated every occupation, every hour of the day, every view in the town. Even when our errands lay in places behind the church, from which it could not be seen, the view seemed always to have been composed with reference to the steeple, which would loom up here and there among the houses, and was perhaps even more affecting when it appeared thus without the church. And, indeed, there are many others which look best when seen in this way, and I can call to mind vignettes of housetops with surmounting steeples in quite another category of art than those formed by the dreary streets of Combray. But since into none of these little etchings, whatever the discernment my memory may have been able to bring to their execution, was it able to contribute an element I have long lost, the feeling which makes us not merely regard a thing as a spectacle, but believe in it as in a unique essence, so none of them keeps in its thrall a whole section of my inmost life as does the memory of those aspects of the steeple of Combray from the streets behind the church. Legrandin, who, detained in Paris by his professional duties as an engineer, could only (except in the regular holiday seasons) visit his house at Combray between Saturday evenings and Monday mornings. He was one of that class of men who, apart from a scientific career in which they may well have proved brilliantly successful, have acquired an entirely different kind of culture, literary or artistic, for which their professional specialisation has no use but by which their conversation profits. Legrandin had a distinct reputation as a writer, and were greatly astonished to find that a wellknown composer had set some verses of his to music), endowed with greater "facility" than many painters, they imagine that the life they are obliged to lead is not that for which they are really fitted, and they bring to their regular occupations either an indifference tinged with fantasy, or a sustained and haughty application, scornful, bitter, and conscientious. Tall and handsome of bearing, with a fine, thoughtful face, drooping fair moustaches, blue eyes, an air of disenchantment, an almost exaggerated refinement of courtesy, a talker such as we had never heard, he was in the sight of my family, who never ceased to quote him as an example, the very pattern of a gentleman, who took life in the noblest and most delicate manner. My grandmother alone found fault with him for speaking a little too well, a little too much like a book, for not using a vocabulary as natural as his loosely knotted bow-ties, his short, straight, almost schoolboyish coat. She was astonished, too, at the furious tirades which he was always launching at the aristocracy, at fashionable life, at snobbishness- "undoubtedly," he would say, "the sin of which St Paul is thinking when he speaks of the unforgivable sin against the Holy Ghost. Oh, I admit," he went on, with the gentle, ironical, disillusioned, rather absent-minded smile that was peculiar to him, "I have every useless thing in the world in my house there. The only thing wanting is the necessary thing, a great patch of open sky like this. Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life, little boy," he added, turning to me. Instead, we increased her anxiety by telling her that there was a painter at work in the church copying the window of Gilbert the Bad. Above a mantle of black cloth she wore a little white coif that seemed almost to attach her to some Order, and an infirmity of the skin had stained part of her cheeks and her crooked nose the bright red colour of balsam. One group, the worse of the two, and the one of which she rid herself first, consisted of those who advised her not to "coddle" herself, and preached (even if only negatively and with no outward signs beyond an occasional disapproving silence or doubting smile) the subversive doctrine that a sharp walk in the sun and a good red beefsteak would do her more good (when she had had only two wretched mouthfuls of Vichy water on her stomach for fourteen hours! The other category was composed of people who appeared to believe that she was more seriously ill than she thought, in fact that she was as seriously ill as she said. Still, you may last a while yet," all alike might be certain that her doors would never be opened to them again. In short, my aunt demanded that whoever came to see her must at one and the same time approve of her way of life, commiserate with her in her sufferings, and assure her of ultimate recovery. My aunt might say to her twenty times in a minute: "The end is come at last, my poor Eulalie! And since besides this Eulalie knew, as no one else knew, how to distract my aunt without tiring her, her visits, which took place regularly every Sunday, unless something unforeseen occurred to prevent them, were for my aunt a pleasure the prospect of which kept her on those days in a state of expectation, agreeable enough to begin with, but swiftly changing to the agony of a hunger too long unsatisfied if Eulalie happened to be a little late. For, if unduly prolonged, the rapture of waiting for Eulalie became a torture, and my aunt would never stop looking at the time, and yawning, and complaining of each of her symptoms in turn. But- especially after the fine weather had definitely set in at Combray-the proud hour of noon, descending from the steeple of Saint-Hilaire which it blazoned for a moment with the twelve points of its sonorous crown, would long have echoed about our table, beside the blessed bread which too had come in, after church, in its familiar way, and we would still be seated in front of our Arabian Nights plates, weighed down by the heat of the day, and even more by our heavy meal. Swann had brought specially, cherries, the first to come from the cherry-tree which had yielded none for the last two years, a cream cheese, of which in those days I was extremely fond, an almond cake because she had ordered one the evening before, a brioche because it was our turn to make them for the church.

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Students entering the program with graduate level work or a graduate degree from an accredited institution will have that work evaluated by the admissions committee and have a maximum of twelve semester hours of graduate course work applied toward their graduate work at Baylor University. The hree major tracks in the doctoral program are community analytics, health and society, and sociology of religion. The first two years of the program have roughly the same requirements for all areas of emphasis. Master of Arts the Master of Arts degree is thirty hours comprising the core training courses in theory and research methods to prepare students for the Ph. Course work includes a standard set of courses (6 hours) in research methods and theory, as well as 36 hours of core courses in the appropriate area of emphasis. The Department of Sociology currently offers three areas of concentration: community analytics, health and society, and sociology of religion. Community Analytics the curriculum in community analytics brings together substantive seminars in community, demography, regional economic development, family, and population health, as well as hands-on practical training doing applied research for local, regional and state entities. Students learn to apply sociological methods to real-life settings and gain an understanding of an exceptional model for relations between community and academia. Home to numerous leading sociologists of religion and the ongoing Baylor Religion Survey. Students are prepared to enter the academic job market through a hands-on process of professional socialization. As a transdisciplinary area of study, health and society infuses sociological theories and principles with allied work in public health, epidemiology, and gerontology. Social mechanisma are emphasized to illuminate the roles of biology, genetics, and stress in evolving levels of mental and physical well-being across the life course. Students learns to use advanced quantitative methods to address key population health issues. Each candidate will be evaluated on an individual basis, and additional designated courses may be required as prerequisites for graduate work. Requirements the Master of Arts degree in Spanish requires thirty-six semester hours. The curriculum follows the options outlined below: Option I (thesis-track) requires thirty-six semester hours, including six thesis hours. For both options, students must demonstrate intermediate level proficiency in a second romance language. See the Graduate School Foreign Language Requirements for a list of options available for demonstrating proficiency. In selecting electives, students must declare an area of emphasis: literature or linguistics. Those students who have chosen a linguistics emphasis may substitute one required literature course with a linguistics course or a non-literature course that is approved by the advisor. The degree program provides a balance between statistical theory and applications of statistical methods. Emphasis is placed on acquiring research, consulting, and teaching skills that are applicable to the biomedical sciences, the natural sciences, academe, business and industry, and behavioral and social sciences. Financial Support the Department offers financial assistance for its doctoral degree candidates. An application to the graduate program in statistics is also considered an application for an assistantship. More information concerning the graduate program in statistics is available at www. Requirements include a statistics core of twenty-seven semester hours, consulting-teaching practicum of three semester hours, elective courses of thirty-six semester hours, and nine semester hours of dissertation work. Requirements include a statistics core (twelve semester hours), consulting-teaching practicum (three semester hours), and elective courses (twenty-one semester hours). The Master of Fine Arts degree in Directing is a terminal degree requiring sixty-one semester hours. Admission To qualify for admission into the graduate program, a student must have completed a minimum of eighteen semester hours of undergraduate study in theatre arts. For further requirements, see the general graduate admission section of this catalog.

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Course requirements include graduate-level research paper and annotated bibliography of undergraduate course materials. May be taken three times for graduate credit, in conjunction with different undergraduate courses. Supervised research for developing and writing a dissertation prospectus that will be the subject of an oral defense that will admit students to candidacy. Registration for this course is the equivalent of full-time status for graduate students. Supervised research for the doctoral dissertation with a minimum of twelve semester hours required. Three to six of these hours may be taken in a section of 6V99 designed for the purpose of discussion and criticism of dissertation chapters and journal articles. Study of fundamental questions of political theory as treated in works of literature. Topics may include authority, law and discretion, the individual and the community, and the nature of freedom, especially as these issues emerge in different political orders. This course may be taken more than once, for a maximum of six credit hours, when content differs. Possible themes of this course include postmodern political thought, neo-Kantian and neo-Hegelian political theory, contemporary liberal and communitarian thought, theories of justice, contemporary relevance of ancient political philosophy. This course may be repeated, for a maximum of nine credit hours, when content differs. Themes may include nature and grace, politics and salvation, theology and practical wisdom. Study of selected major texts in modern political thought, from Machiavelli to Nietzsche. This course may be taken more than once, for a maximum of eighteen credit hours, when content differs. Deals with those cases relating particularly to personal liberty and civil rights. Areas examined may include American constitutional development, constitutional and legal interpretation, judicial behavior and politics, including the role of interest groups and public opinion, and judicial recruitment. Different constitutional approaches to issues such as executive-legislative relations, federalism, political participation, and civil liberties will be considered. A course for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students contemplating careers requiring administrative skills. Topics, which will be chosen to meet the special needs of students, include the study of public personnel techniques and methods, project design and analysis, and program budgeting. Emphasis on court cases and literature covering economic, social and civil rights issues. A problem or topic in either public policy or administration will be selected, and the student will write a substantial paper for submission to the faculty. Psychological processes in religious experience and related phenomena with a focus on religious development through the life cycle and the major psychological interpretations. Principles and methodology underlying scaling techniques, rating devices, psychological tests, and other forms of measurements used in psychology. Includes an introduction to psychometrics and applications to objective personality assessment. The course examines a variety of complex experimental designs that are available to researchers including split-plot factorial designs, confounded factorial designs, fractional factorial designs, incomplete block designs, and analysis of covariance. Selected topics from correlation, regression, path analysis, and generalized linear models. Topics include parameter and ability estimation, item bias, detection of multidimensionality, appropriateness measurement, and Owens-Bayes algorithm. Clinical case formulation, including the assessment and diagnosis of problems, case conceptualization, and treatment planning, based on current theory and research. Advanced study of current research, theory and practice in evidence-based psychotherapy, interventions, and treatment planning. Current research and theory on normal and psychopathological development of human behavior from conception through senescence. Application of the methods and techniques of psychology to the problems of designing equipment for efficient human use and the design of man-machine systems. A review of basic neuroanatomy, neuron function, neurotransmitters, emotional process, language, learning and memory function.

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In those days only three things in the world scared me: jail, a job, and the Army. The Army Intelligence soldiers, those black spies in civilian clothes, hung around in Harlem with their ears open for the white man downtown. When I sensed that I had the ears of the spies, I would talk and act high and crazy. It was inevitable when one had gone long enough on heavier and heavier narcotics, and under the steadily tightening vise of the hustling life. With my wild zoot suit I wore the yellow knob-toe shoes, and I frizzled my hair up into a reddish bush of conk. The room had fallen vacuum-quiet, with me running my mouth a mile a minute, talking nothing but slang. But the stony-faced rest of them looked as if they were ready to sign up to go off killing somebody-they would have liked to start with me. Pretty soon, stripped to my shorts, I was making my eager-to-join comments in the medical examination rooms-and everybody in the white coats that I saw had 4-F in his eyes. One of the white coats accompanied me around a turning hallway: I knew we were on the way to a head-shrinker-the Army psychiatrist. Back then, the white man during the war was so pressed for personnel that he began letting some Negroes put down their buckets and mops and dust rags and use a pencil, or sit at some desk, or hold some twenty-five-cent tide. I knew what she was doing, she was going to make clear, in advance, what she thought of me. He sat there and doodled with his blue pencil on a tablet, listening to me spiel to him for three or four minutes before he got a word in. I knew I was going to send him back to the books to figure what kind of a case I was. Negro railroad men waited for their trains in their big locker room on the lower level of Grand Central Station. One day, in a blackjack game, an old cook who was dealing the cards tried to be slick, and I had to drop my pistol in his face. The next time I went into one of those games, intuition told me to stick my gun under my belt right down the middle of my back. The cops told me never again to be caught in Grand Central Station unless I had a ticket to ride somewhere. I was a true hustler-uneducated, unskilled at anything honorable, and I considered myself nervy and cunning enough to live by my wits, exploiting any prey that presented itself. And they inevitably move into more and more, worse and worse, illegality and immorality. Fulltime hustlers never can relax to appraise what they are doing and where they are bound. As the pros did, I too would key myself to pull these jobs by my first use of hard dope. Normally now, for street wear, I might call it, I carried a hardly noticeable little flat, blue-steel. I saw how when the eyes stared at the big black hole, the faces fell slack and the mouths sagged open. And when I spoke, the people seemed to hear as though they were far away, and they would do whatever I asked. Still, upon sudden impulses, just to play safe, I would abruptly move from one toanother fifteen-to twenty-dollar-aweek room, always in my favorite 147th-150th Street area, just flanking Sugar Hill. As a police car screeched to a stop, we stepped out into the street, meeting it, hailing it to ask for directions. The suits that I wore, the finest, I bought hot for about thirty-five to fifty dollars. Any experienced hustler will tell you that getting greedy is the quickest road to prison.

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This was the origin of glass: in the part of Syria called Phoenicia there is a swamp bordering on Judea around the base of Mt. When the sand of the shore mixed with these burning natron clumps, translucent streams of a strange liquid began to flow, and this was the origin of glass. Since invention is ingenious, it did not long remain content with natron alone, but was the Etymologies "other things") because its nature is such that wherever one vein has appeared, there is hope for seeking out another in that place. There are seven kinds of metals: gold, silver, copper, electrum, tin, lead, and, what dominates everything, iron. Money (pecunia) first had its name and actual character from livestock (pecus), for coins used to be cut from hides and then embossed. After this, bronze coinage was invented by Saturn, for it was he who devised the stamping and marking of coins. The most ancient people made use of bronze, since gold and silver had not yet been discovered. Hence also the public treasury (aerarium) was named, because at first only bronze 11 the word bremeton is unattested elsewhere. Afterwards money might be made of whatever of these metals you chose, but the term aerarium remained, from that metal whence money had its origin. But tribute (tributa) is named because earlier it used to be exacted from each of the tribes (tribus), just as now it is exacted from each of the territories. A nomisma is a gold, silver, or bronze solidus, and it is called nomisma because it is stamped with the names (nomen, gen. The coin was first called by the word rgurov ("silver"), because it was struck mostly from silver (argentum). But coins (nummus) are now named after Numa, a king of the Romans, who was first among the Latins to emboss them with images and mark them with his own name. When the metal flowed into the depressions in the ground, it took on the shape in which either the flowing stream or the collecting hollow had formed it. Captivated by the splendor of these objects, people picked up these lumps that had been held fast and saw in them the imprints molded from the ground, and from this realized that metals, when melted, could be made into any shape. It possesses this marvelous quality, that, although it is white, when it is rubbed against a body it leaves black lines. Quicksilver (argentum vivum) is so called because it etches out the materials onto which it is thrown. It is particularly found in mines or in silver-working furnaces, clinging to the roof in condensed drops, and often even in the oldest excrement of sewers or the slime of wells. It is also made from cinnabar placed on an iron crucible covered with an earthenware lid. When the vessel is sealed, coals are placed around it and thus quicksilver is distilled from cinnabar. It has such great power that if you place a one hundred pound rock on top of a sextarium. From this we may understand that it is not the weight of a substance, but rather its nature, to which quicksilver yields. Public proclamations in particular were written on bronze plaques for a permanent record. Aurichalcum is so called because it possesses the splendor of gold (aurum) and the hardness of bronze. Moreover it is made from bronze and a great deal of fire, and it is brought to a gold color by means of additives. Corinthian bronze is a mixture of all metals, which was first mixed accidentally when Corinth was burned after being captured. When Hannibal had captured this city, he gathered all the bronze and gold and silver statues into a single pyre and burned them. Tinted by the bile of bulls, it looks like gold in the garlands (corona) of stage-actors, whence it is named. All bronze that has its flaws diligently purged and heated out by fire is made into regularis.


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