Tips for a relaxing Almliesl-holiday

© MTS Austria GmbH Don’t make any appointments or consulations on the last day before your holiday starts, because they can last too long and stress may come up. This would be a bad start for your vacation.

You should handle out any sort of business which has to be done urgently. So you can avoid a bad conscience during your holiday.

© MTS Austria GmbH Before your vacation starts, you can already read a travel guide or a watch a video of your holiday-destination to be informed.

Enjoy your Holiday! Keep all your procedure documentations at home, because they remind you of your daily work.
You should also avoid reading specialist literature or business magazines, which are linked to your job.

© MTS Austria GmbH You should celebrate the start of your holiday! Drink a glass of sparkling wine or champagne and enjoy your time!

After your return you should keep your holiday in mind. You should hang up some pictures and view them from time to time, so you can dream of the beautiful mountains and alps.

Source: "onpulson" - Wissen für Unternehmer und Manager