Pure nature

Get up, take your wash things out of the hut and take the opportunity of a very different morning wash at the spring with a breathtaking view of the mountains, forests and meadows.

Properties marked with “Pure nature” are located right in the midst of nature, with a rustic, traditional atmosphere; there is no electricity in most of the huts and the wood burning stove is for heating as well as hot water. Lighting and the fridge are often run by gas and the spring in front of the hut serves not only as a place for washing but also as a fridge. You really experience nature by staying in one of these huts, where the toilet is outside and often simply an earth closet.

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Trouble-free zone

Trouble-free zone

No more annoying phone calls and e-mails in a well-deserved vacation. Finally, the non-working time is for relaxation and recreation.