Tips and tricks for the perfect holidays in a hut

To help you simplify the preparation for your vacation in the mountains a bit,
we have prepared a few tips and tricks, and summarized useful information.

What is important for the departure:

Check description and associated key codes, maps, GPS
Registration papersyour automobile club membership cardvalid passport
Vignette for the motorways in Austria (available at gas stations and border crossings).
Toll-free travel to all objects in the Tyrol. In Pinzgau and Pongau via Kufstein or the small German Corner.

The arrival in the summer

© MTS Austria GmbH All accommodations in Almliesl valley are easily approachable.
The huts are accessible with any normal car.
An SUV is not requiredA sports car or
Cars with very little ground clearance, however, are not
recommendedParticularly difficult are the access routes
each object in the house description noted.

The arrival in the winter

Throughout Austria, winter tires are mandatoryFor reasons of personal safety should your car be equippedwith good winter tires. The insurance will not pay when accidents happen with the wrong tires.
In all the huts, which are accessible through forest and mountain roadswe recommend in any case, the bringing of snow chains and / or an off-road car

The arrival

  • Do all the lights, the refrigerator and the water heater work?
  • Hot and cold water flow?

In the huts of the Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf): Turn the gas service onA user's manual is available at thehut book. Gas cards are available in reserve?

  • If anything did not work, do not hesitate to contact the owner or the „Almliesl“ headquarter: 0043 (0)6542 80480 oder 0043 (0)664 3854080.

The departure

In Austria there is a strict waste disposal lawsPlease pay attention to the separation of waste.
Return keys where he was picked up (mailbox owner, key holder).

Travel with your dog and cat

© MTS Austria GmbH If you want to spend with your four-legged friend the holiday in Austria, a rabiescertificate is requiredThe rabies vaccination must be at least 30 days before entry and must not be older than 12 months (for cats 6 months). EU passport line and must be carried. For dogs, cats and ferrets, the identification by microchip or tattooing isrequired.

Grazing cattle and wild game can not be disturbed by your dog. For any damages or injuries of the dog owner is responsibleSodogs on leash pleaseAs an animal lover, you have determined this veryunderstanding.

Packing lsit for your holiday in a hut

  • Small first aid kit (bandages, ointment, sportssun and insect protection)
  • Linen (covers) and / or hand and bath towels (if required) Sleeping (especially in the
    Winter monthsbut also recommended in summer)
  • Table linentea towels, dishwashing liquid
    toilet paper
  • Candles, flashlight, matches, coal lighter, charcoal
  • camera and video camera
  • hiking maps
  • Even in summer, warm clothing and rain gear. In the mountains it is getting cold!
  • Sturdy footwearheadwear, backpacks, hiking poles

    © MTS Austria GmbH

Emerdency numbers for Austria

120 - ÖAMTC (Motorists Club)
- fire brigade
- police
Alpine rescue and emergency service

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